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Meet our Therapist Melina Nixon, MA, LPC


Choosing a therapist can be an intimidating process and reaching out for help can be uncomfortable, and we all need support in order to thrive. Within a warm, open, and compassionate environment, my practice helps clients make sense of the challenges they face and use this understanding to navigate their lives with increased resilience and grace.

With the goal of creating deep and lasting change, my work often entails using mindfulness to help clients think more clearly, feel more balanced, and act more effectively. Therapy may focus on learning skills, developing emotional capacity, or interrupting old patterns to more easefully manage difficult situations.

Finding a therapist who is a good fit is essential. I invite you to contact my office for a consultation, so you get a sense of what it’s like to talk with me. We can discuss what’s going on and how therapy might help. Then you can decide if you feel comfortable proceeding.

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Your phone consultation is absolutely free and there is no obligation to schedule an appointment. Our goal is to help you find a therapist you feel comfortable with. All conversations are strictly confidential.